Monday, August 13, 2012

Openstack ( Delhi NCR ) Meetup

Openstack Delhi NCR chapter started yesterday with our first meet up. Students, Professors and Corporate entities attended the meet. Discussion started with Kavit who especially flew from Ahmedabad to join the meet up. He gave a small introducion of openstack to people who were new and eager to learn about openstack. After the introduction round table discussions started on almost all aspects of openstack. Its Use cases, Performance, Networking, Openstack Foundation, New Products to Voting. 

DELHI NCR Group is planning to have regular meet ups from now onwards and impart talks cum training sessions to help out all the people who are interested in contributing to openstack in whatever capacity they can. We made some new friends while enjoying our discussions over food and beer. Meet up exceeded all my expectations in terms of number of people who attended the meet up, quality of discussions and at the end of the day all of us learned something new.