Thursday, September 22, 2011

Social Governing dynamics (part 1)

Abstract is beautiful: Everything is beautiful for us because we are mortal.we have to die someday,if not today ,not rite now but for sure some day we have to say Adios(bye bye). Beauty of an object or a person lies in its mystical arcane secret.we look at the abstract layer and this layer decides our next action but once we unravel the hidden secret all the beauty,all the charm is gone. Like when we meet a beautiful stranger with charming attributes, we start calculating our chances and all the possibilities.suppose you started a nice conversation and then at that very moment you advance to more deep layers and peels the covers of all the defense mechanisms and tear them apart,and then you find a simple individual,helpless in few situations,no matter how happy but always seeking more contentment in life.This nature of looking for more makes everyone vulnerable.Everyone has those mood swings and lonely moments of helpless nature when we wish to cry but do not know why we are crying or why we are upset.

Deep down behind all those layers there lies a very simple human being, hoping for love and care,optimistic,scared and looking for permanent stability and demanding more.Golden rule is that it is Stability which give birth to instability or we can say stability of one system gives birth to instability of another system.
Anything that does not have a little complexity is not so appealing to our mind. Like for a 16 year old teenager on drugs will view every girl as an individual beautiful mystery covered in clothes. Now what will happen if he began to generalize girls and view them as a single girl he had seen on the Internet like million times.How much will be the reduction in his interest when the secret individual turns in to a general individual with all the same common attributes.Therefore its not a good idea to move from abstract layer to other hidden layers as the beauty of an object lies in the beautiful intriguing mystery that it holds,

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